måndag, mars 30, 2009


Jag skriver inte så ofta XD
Varning! Inlägget är på engelska.
Rubriken är en länk till sajten som jag pratar om.

I have a big interest that is called ROBLOX. It's an online game that is about ... You!

You can build your own character by putting him together with lego! You can have all sorts of heads and faces, which are named things like "Emotionally distressed zombie" (Face), "Drool"(Face), "Super silly fun" (Face), "Roll" (Head), "Peabrain" (Head) and other cool named heads and faces! Not only that, but you can buy clothes (Not for real money of course, for free in-game-money!) like shirts, hats, pants and tshirts!

You can make your own 3D levels out of lego, too! You can also make your own lego models with virtual lego. You make all models with a program called ROBLOX Studio. You can publish your models, and let others use them in their levels! You can insert models, bricks, decals... Oh, yeah! Decals!

Decals are easy to make. You just click on a few links and choose a picture from your computer, and voila! A decal for you - and the world! When you make a decal or model it saves itself in “My models/decals”, and, if you choose to, in “Free models/decals”. When you make it free to take, anyone can take it.

You can put so-called scripts in your bricks and such to make it deadly, disappear on touch, make it do something when you click on it, make it sparkle, make music, make a message appear when you touch it, make the whole level 2D... There's unlimited things to do! Unlimited fun! You can save your things to your computer or just to one of ROBLOX's servers. You can then publish your level to your ROBLOX account, but only one level at a time. You can have more levels, but I'll tell you more about that later.

When you play a level, you have to download and install ROBLOX first. There you can walk around, jump, click, chat with others... With the character you made yourself!

There are many types of levels. There are “Obbys”, which is an abbreviation of obstacle course. There are many obstacles. Lava and disappearing stairs are two of the most common obstacles. Along the way there are so-called “Spawns”, which are a type of checkpoints, which means if you die, you start from the last spawn.

There are “Tycoons” which are levels where you buy machines (For free in-level-money of course) and get... More money! You can often also buy a house, a statue, or other decorations for your Tycoon!

There are “Playgrounds”, where you just walk around and jump and look.

There are “Builders”, where you build in-game. Another type of builders are “Build to survives”. There you have to build stairs, houses, walls and such to survive a lava stream or a horde of monsters.

There are also “Fight levels”, which are pretty self-explanatory. You walk around and... If you guessed “Fight”, you get a cookie! That's right, you fight. Against other people or against monsters! ^_^ (My favorite smiley)

You can make your own clothes, too! To make tshirts, you just have to do the same thing as with decals. Just upload a picture. To make other clothes... I'll tell you next.

If you want to have more privileges, you can have a kind of super membership. It's called Builders Club. When you have that membership, you can, among other things, have 10 uploaded levels, make other clothes, have a daily income of 15 R$ (“Robux”) and still have your ordinary 10 TIX (“Tickets”) income and you can sell your clothes, as many as you want to sell, for the price you want to sell for! Builders club isn't free, though... It costs a little money.

You can do all this, and more(!) On ROBLOX.com.

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Dad sa...

That's a very well-written description of the game!

Can you see other players' characters and talk to them? I guess those are the ones you fight with on fight levels?

Amber sa...

Your English is excellent, my son!

Now I understand why you like the game so much! There are lots of opportunities and you can really use your fantsy!

You´re the best!

Bloggblad sa...

Och jag gör vågen...

Dabe sa...

Yes, it's an online game where you're supposed to be with others in-game.

Thanks for the compliment! ^_^

Tack så mycket. ^_^